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About Us

Welcome to! A woman's online source to finding out the best information about cigars, accessories and more. Whoever said it was a man's tradition to enjoy a good stogie? We are working very hard to bring women cigar smokers a place they can feel comfortable and secure about smoking cigars.

The hopes you enjoy the new site! As a female who smokes cigars, will be based on the experiences, ideas and opinions of women cigar smokers. You are invited to join our mailing list to receive e-mail about special announcements. Please feel free to submit any questions, suggestions or comments.

Thank you for visiting the site. looks forward to you joining us!

A note about the new site design:
I am currently in the process of updating the site. You may encounter some broken links and some old site content. I am working very hard to update the site as fast as can. Please bare with me.