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In Your Own Words

magic and art from Costa Rica
Author: : Chrys Thorsen Date Submitted: 12/16/05
Location: Downey, CA  
Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to turn everyone on to a cigar line that has totally won my heart: Vegas de Santiago from Costa Rica. I've been smoking since this April, where I was exposed to expensive cigars on a company cruise. I've since tried a whole range of cigars from A. Fuente to Macanudo to Padron, from the fakes to real cubans. I really like the rich-tasting habanos, even though I have to get them from the U.K. One day, I get this email from a guy named Rudy. He offers me a free cigar sample. To my knowledge, he's still offering free samples on his website to the ladies. Now, one thinks of Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, etc. when discussing fine cigars, NOT Costa Rica. But I figured what the hey, this guy was so enthusiastic about his product. He went on about how his cigars are part magic, part art. OK I'll try it, especially since the price is right. I chose the VdS Puro Torpedo with a maduro wrapper. Two weeks later it arrived in a very cute single cigar cedar box. I opened it up and what a WONDERFUL scent! I lit it up. Excellent burn, excellent ash, and a taste like dark chocolate. Smooth, dark and delicious. Like silk sheets by the fireplace at midnight. I was entranced and smoked it down to the nub. Rudy was right, this baby IS part magic, part art. So I ordered a sampler. The sticks average about U.S. $3-4 each. The maduro wrappers have loads of cocoa taste, the natural wrapper cigars are reminiscent of resin incense like myrrh. While exotically different from the cubans, they're every bit as yummy. I just ordered a box of his Shaman line panatelas. In his confirmation email, he said he's throwing in five free Chiquitas for me to try. What a way to win a girl's heart. They'll arrive around Christmas. It's going to be a great holiday...

Cigars & Construction Works Ne
Author: : Cynthia D. Pape Date Submitted: 07/23/05
Location: Boston, MA  
I am delighted to discover! This allows me to come out of the closet and declare that I am a fine cigar lover. I am a construction manager and work with the burliest, loudest, foul-mouthed guys on the Eastern Seaboard. When I walk on site with my management team with a cigar in my hand...INSTANT RESPECT. They ask me what I like to smoke, we have great conversations, they waste money time and money because they are not working; they are asking if I can recommend a nice cigar for their wives, girlfriends..or boyfriends as the case may be. So glad I found you.
I am 48. I ride a Kawasaki Vulvan 1500 Nomad. And I love pug dogs. Mild cigars from Honduras are my favorites right now. Some interesting stuff coming down the line. Interesting to see the reviews from my fellow smokers. Best Wishes and Happy Puffing! CDP

Cigar Woman Comment: Glad you found us!

Chicago Women Cigar Smokers
Author: : Vivian San Juan Date Submitted: 06/22/05
Location: Chicago, IL  
I am excited to finally connect with a network dedicated to women who love cigars. I attended two "Big Smoke" events in Chicago and usually find about 5 other women at the events. I am Cuban born and needless to say have enjoyed cigars for some time now. I found the website a few months ago, and look forward to participate in the network. Count me in Denyse from Skokie, Illinois should any cigar smoking events take place in the Chicago area.

Best wishes to the creators and management team!

Cigar Woman Comment: Thanks! It will be great to have you around to provide a ' Cuban' point of view.

Author: : Importcigars Date Submitted: 06/22/05
Location: Asheville, NC  
Hi Cigar Woman!
This is just a short note to say Hi, & to get your thoughts re: cigars & "fads"...
I've attended several of JR Cigars "Smoke 101" get-togethers in Statesville, NC, where folks get together for a night of cigar talk & smoking...ladies as well as men! During a recent "101", one of the top level mgrs for JRs told us that as soon as the embargo is lifted on Cuban cigars, we're gonna be in for another "cigar boom" similar to the 90s, but it will be larger & last alot longer as folks will finally have public access to the "fabled" real Cuban cigars, & will continue to enjoy them on a more permanent basis because of the milder & smoother tastes inherent of Cuban cigars! He went on to state that most of the major cigar companies have already bought "warehouses of Cubans", & are simply waiting to ship them back to the states! Whenever someone mentions cigars as a fad, I relate this to them, & don't hear too many negatives as they agree the embargo will be lifted at some point in time! The gentleman that spoke to us that particular evening said JRs is looking at app 5 more yrs at max before the REAL cigar boom comes our way!... OH HAPPY DAYS!!
Thanks for all that ya share, & hope to speak more w/ ya soon!

I'm So Glad Your Back
Author: : Denyse Date Submitted: 06/21/05
Location: Skokie, IL  
I was so happy to get your email today saying that you were coming back. I am in the process of putting together a cigar oriented fundraiser here in the Chicago area. We women are really impressing them with our knowledge of cigars!

I was ruined by my first Cuban and other cigars after that just never matched up. About a year ago, I discovered Rocky Patel and my Cuban met its match! If you haven't tried a Rocky yet, I highly recommend it! The Vintage is just amazing.

I'm looking forward to reading more! Welcome back!

Padron /Rocky Patel
Author: : Lu Date Submitted: 06/12/05
Location: Pinehurst, N.  
For Ladies who love to treat themselves, I am new to the enjoyement of a fine cigar. My local Cigar shop turned me onto Rocky Patel -I fell in love,so I thought. Being somewhat of a fickle sole, I tried Padron. Padron's are now my favs... The Padron does not smoke hot even at the head, and the earthy tones OH My....

Author: : Denis Lamy Date Submitted: 05/26/05
Location: Ontario, CA  
My wife smokes occasionally. We just came back from a trip to Havana and she took to it over there. If it is a few cigar a month, maybe more like 1 cigar a month, she will go for it. She likes small ring gauge panatella, chico or the like. The big ones are for me. ;-)

Her favorite so far has been the Hoyo de Monterey panatella and Habaneros Vanilla (DR). She also tried and liked Punch, Montecristo, Davidoff and one made for her at the Casa del Habanos on 5th avenue in Havana. She did not like the Cohiba, although the one she tried was so plugged and did not dare to try another.

Hope to read you soon,


Cigar Woman Comment: Denis, I assume from your web page you are from French Canada. Bonjour!! I had a similar problem with a Cohiba I had once in Mexico. Turned me off of the brand completely. Thanks for sending your thought!

First Time on This Site
Author: : Luke And Claudia Langlois Date Submitted: 06/28/04
Location: Brockville, On  
Hello eveyone, 1st time on this site and we are very excited in finding it!!! Luke has been a cigar smoker for 20+ yrs and I finally tried one a few years ago. It was an eye opener for me, these smokes are great, very relaxing and soul soothing. We have shared many great smokes on our adventures and will be submitting some stories soon, but here's a short one for now.
Spent a week in New Orleans a while back, down on the french quarter. We found these great cigar shops/factories, One spot was really nice we were able to sit in rocking chairs in front of huge open windows, sip coffee and smoke some great cigars from thier walk in humidor. We went there every day to reflect on the previous nights festivities. To this day if we are having a smoke on a hot humid day We can almost smell the memory of that visit and energize our souls.
Anyway, more to follow at a later date, stories from Fl,Ga,Tx,Ca,Ut,Wy,Or,Bc,On,....
Keep smokin, Luke and Claudia

Secret Smokers
Author: : Laurie Date Submitted: 10/02/03
Location: Chicago, IL  
I was on a conference in New Orleans with my female boss. At dinner the first night, she confessed that she liked to smoke an occasional cigar. She was flabbergasted when I admitted that I liked to do it, too! So for the rest of the trip we had nightly cigar fests in Bourbon Street and elsewhere in Nola. At her retirement last week, I bought her a big box of assorted cigars!

Growing up in Pinar.....
Author: : Denia Correa Date Submitted: 09/07/03
Location: Spokane, Wa  
I grew up in Pinar del Rio,Cuba, the best place for tobbaco in the world. I remember my "abuelo" smoking a cigar after every dinner.
The smell filled every room in our house, it was like magic..Each year after harvest, we all got together and had a great party with Havana Club Anejo, Bacardi,Vino Tinto and of course, the best cigars from the past harvest. It has been almost ten years since my last party in Cuba and four since "abuelo" passed away but I still feel the aroma saturating every corner in my home-away-from-home.Soon I'll go back to visit and roll my own cigar.May the tradition live forever!!

Made A Run For The Boarder !
Author: : D.g. Murray Date Submitted: 03/10/03
Location: (near) Detroit, MI  

Cigar Woman Comment: I'm jealous!

The Woman in Charge
Author: : Jennifer Krol Date Submitted: 02/06/01
Location: Orlando, FL  
I've been at Art's Premium Cigars & Cafe for 1 1/2 now, when I started I loved cigars, but in a "Private Smoking Club", they assume the women around know nothing about cigars. It took probably as long as I've been here to prove I know my stuff, but it amazes these men every day that woman would know anything about cigars.
Recently I was promoted to be the General Manager and in a Man's Smoking World, they definitely had some hesistence, but the fact of the matter is, our smoking club consists mostly of middle aged men who are single or divorced and believe me there aren't enough women to go around.

Author: : Marcia Venema Date Submitted: 11/25/00
Location: San Francisco, CA  
I enjoy a non-traditional job and thrive on it. It is male dominated field and on a pretty regular basis run into vendors and contractors that think I am a 'token woman' on the job.I doesn't usually take but a few miutes to change thier opinions though and accept me a face value.

One of these vendors though, was not taking me serious and kept speaking t me as though I was 12.

Not anything I hadn't come up against before, but a little irritating to say the least.

We had concluded our business and I took off to the roof for a cigar break and enjoy the sunny day that doesn't come often enough to San Francisco. It was a welcome respite to the condescending attitude I had just been the recipient of for the past half hour.

Anyway...I was about 1/2" into a beautiful HDM Excaliber III Maduro about 2 years old (yes, I have a humidor at work...) when one of the other engineers came around the corner escorting the vendor. He stopped in his tracks at the sight of me and my cigar...

I never did find out what it was he needed in the way of information about his product...but we had a great 45 minute conversation on the subject of cigars and the effects of aging...the 'boom' and found a great common denominator in the love of the leaf...!

He finally recognized me as a person with information rather than just body with breasts.

I haven't seen him since, as we didn't use his service/product...but it was great to have an intelligent conversation with a person that had just minutes before cast me as 'token'.

The love of the leaf had brough many people together before, but not so dramaticaly for me as this....

Cigar Woman Comment: That's an empowering story. Many people think women do not know the ins and outs of cigars. I get the same reaction all the time. Thank you for the story.

Author: : Robert Raymond Jr. Date Submitted: 12/25/99
Location: liverpool, ny  
I just wanted to say that I enjoy your website. I think its great that women are now smoking cigars more than ever. I think its very sexy to see a woman smoke a cigar. I hope they continue to do it for years to come.

Cigar Woman Comment: Thanks Robert. I hope woman smoking cigars is not just a "fad". Many people have said that cigar smoking won't last...I don't think so. WE will continue to do it for years!

Author: : Mark Date Submitted: 09/21/99
Location: , IA  
I went out with a 19-year-old college girl last summer that was a cigarette smoker. After we'd went out a few weeks, I asked her if she ever tried smoking a cigar, since I'm an occasional cigar smoker myself. She said she never smoked more than a couple of puffs off of one and wasn't too impressed. Despite her initial negative attitude towards the subject, I persisted, asking her to give cigar smoking another chance. Right when I gave up on her, she had to pick me up one night for a date since my car was in the shop. When I got into the passenger seat and saw the mischievous grin on her face, I knew she had something up her sleeve. I was blown away to see two cigars sitting next to her. When I asked her about them, she said she wanted me to get off her back about cigars, so she bought a couple $3.50 Bering cigars at a convenience store on the way to my house. My heart raced as we drove out to the park to have the picnic lunch we planned and then smoked the cigars. She didn't seem to like it at first,
but by the time she had smoked half of it, she admitted she was starting to enjoy it more. Nonetheless, I never thought I'd see her smoke a cigar again after that night. The next week, we were eating at an expensive restaurant in my hometown (in the smoking section), and after dinner she pulled out another Bering cigar from her purse, and with the same grin, lit it up and smoked it in front of me. The looks on the other customers seeing this good-looking teenage girl smoking a cigar was priceless. After that summer, I never saw this girl again. We never officially broke up, but thought we would get together again this summer, but it didn't work out. Although I''ve probably seen the last of her, I hope she still smokes cigars and with more regularity.

Hey GiGi..$2.00 Cigars?
Author: : Mary Patire Date Submitted: 09/05/99
Location: Long Beach, CA  
I read with interest GiGi's account of her experience at C&K Cigars in Belmont Shores. I have also spent many an hour in that shop and the atmosphere is very cordial and friendly,as a woman who knows little about cigars, the proprietor also provides information/education. I think it odd that one would venture into a shop as such to purchase a two dollar cigar, I mean would you go to a wine tasting event and request Boonesfarm? GiGi the next time your beau is looking for a $2 cigar, try Savon's.

How To Treat A Lady
Author: : Glenda Jensen Date Submitted: 06/20/99
Location: Des Moines, IA  
I am sure that every woman who has ever smoked a cigar has had her terrible experience from hell. First, I am new to the world of cigar smoking. about a year old. All of the men that I have ever encountered when asking questions about cigars has treated me like some dumb broad. There has been only one man who has ever treated me with dignity and respect when I have asked him questions about a specific cigar, Joseph J. Consolo III of Stogy Jo's in St. Louis, MO. He took time to be a gentleman and a salesman. I know that I will do everything in my power to
order cigars from him. 2. I am finding that there are people who get into the cigar business just for the money and the cigars that they sell are of such poor quality that they should be put into the garbage. 3. I stil am looking for just the right cigar. May be some day i will find it.

A woman's choice
Author: : Vashe Vornehm Date Submitted: 01/21/99
Location: Pittsburgh, PA  
A woman of 1999 may still encounter chauvinism, but no longer has to smoke in hiding! A few years ago, my Grandfather walked me down the isle, he died four months later. My perception of him changed over the years as I grew up. I think the thing that made me most sad, was just when we could understand each other, connect, he died. The lost opportunity I guess hurts most. The night he died, I took the Opus X a good friend gave me, from my humidor, a bottle of red zinfandel, and sat under a June night sky. I was alone on my porch, and smoked one of the finest cigars and toasted my grandfather's life; and passing. How different were our lives, how alike in spirit and mind. My grandfather was such a chauvenist, he wouldn't approve of my cigar smoking. Yet, he would support my choosing. We should never shrink from who we are, we could be missing the opportunity of our lives.

His desire became mine!!!
Author: : Renate De Koster Date Submitted: 10/24/98
Location: Amersfoort - The Netherlands, Ut  
For over 11 years being married to Peter - my cigar-loving husband - I recently decided to do what he had been asking for so many years now: light up a cigar instead of a cigarette. I asked him the next time he'd buy himself his cigars to bring along a small one for me so I could join him after dinner. He laughed and said to me that I0d be better of wih a big cigar because the smaller the cigar, the sharper the taste. After diner that day I lit up a Willem II senoritas - a small wellknown dry cigar in Holland and it didn't taste bad. My husband lit up a Montague Robust - a knew Dutch longfiller brand. Later that evening we both smoked this Robust an I must admit, it tasted better than the smaller one and, looking in the mirror, it gave me a ferm but sexy look. Most important however, the taste. Since then - and this is almost a year ago now, I0ve smoking a lot of cigars, including different Cuban cigars, which can be bought normally in Holland without any restriction, and my favourite cigars have bevome the bigger ones.
I hope more girls find their way to cigars instaed of cigarettes, because there0s a world of difference between them.

Gathering of friends
Author: : Marcia Date Submitted: 10/18/98
Location: San Francisco, CA  
The weather was accomidating, and the picnic was perfect for the day...sandwiches and cold beer....children playing and dogs running and barking.

The occasion was just because...(who needs an excuse...?) and a bunch of cigar smoking girlfriends and myself were taking advantage of the last days of summer by smoking in the park watching life go by and putting the world back into perspective.

The most amazing part of it was that we all held politics differantly...two straight women three gays...our lives made no other contact other than all enjoying good cigars...!

It was enough....and the day included Padron Aniversarois, Partagas, Avo, Dunhill, LaGloriaCubana, and ended with each of us enjoying an 'island' smoke worthy fo such a day....

Good people, shaing life's expereinces and good cigars. What more could you ask...?


Author: : Barbra Cox Date Submitted: 05/16/98
Location: San Jose, Ca  
Hi,i just wanted to tell cigar woman who nice it is to see a web site just for us girls..
Well i had my first cigar,i went to a cigar store
called DANTES PREMIUM CIGARS in my area.
The store owner told me about this web site.So here i am,Dante was very pleasent with my first experence trying a cigar. I had a cigar called La Fantana.This one is the one dante had me to try..
It was very nice, and not how i thought it was going to be,i thought i was going to hate it.
but girls you have to try La Fantana,it's mild and pleasent..Thank you

Being treated like a lady
Author: : Debbie Benitetto Date Submitted: 04/22/98
Location: Santa Clara, Ca  
I live in Santa Clara Calif...I like to tell you how enjoyable my visit was at dantes premium cigars.

First, the owner Dante treated me so much like a lady, he knew a lot about his products. He recomended a "Avo bali-somthing". And I loved it...

He did'nt know I knew about this web site,So when he mentioned it I could'nt wait to write you. If you have'nt smoked an AVO try it you'll love it!

Thank you for supporting woman cigar smokers...

Your biggest fan,

"Turning Point"
Author: : April And Jason Date Submitted: 12/17/97
Location: Lancaster, PA  
I suppose that the best way to begin this story is to introduce ourselves to you. I'm April. I'm in my mid-
30's, and am employed as the Information Systems Manager for a major nationwide company. Jason, my
husband of nearly fifteen years, is slightly older, and is also employed in the computer field. More than those
details, I won't divulge. I'm sorry, but I work for a company whose upper management (all male) have this
silly notion that cigars are for men only, and any woman who smokes them is something less than diginfied.
I'm also looking at a promotion in another year or so, and I really don't feel much like endangering it.

But, you're not as interested in that stuff, as you are in how I came to enjoy smoking cigars, now are you?
I didn't think so! So, let's be off, then!


One of my wife's initial - and longest-running - excuses, for not doing more than on rare occasions trying my cigars for taste, was the line that "only the celebrity women can get away with smoking cigars, especially in public, and not be looked down on." Actually, there was more to it, than that, but I didn't get let in on that part of it until after the incident that we are about to relate. That line of reasoning, on her part, stemmed from the fact that the only women that she ever saw depicted as cigar smokers were either characters in movies (such as Famke Jenssen's "Xenia Onatopp", in "Goldeneye"), or were among the celebrity women (actresses and a few supermodels) profiled in the pages of Cigar Aficionado Magazine, the current issue of which is always present
on our coffee-table.

It was only an incident that occurred on a business trip that gave her the first real impetus to try a cigar. She had been tapped, by her employers, to attend a partial-week of seminars in San Francisco. As I had some vacation time coming, and had never been to the Left Coast, and because April really hates to travel so great a
distance unaccompanied, she asked me to tag along with her. After all, since her airfare and meals, together with the hotel room, were covered by her company, all we had to worry about was throwing one $250.00 round-trip airline ticket (and a few meals) on one of our credit cards, and it would give us a little time away from the humdrum of life in southeastern Pennsylvania, in a city that (to hear people talk) was really beautiful
and romantic.

As I'm a true cigar-buff, I spend a fair amount of time perusing the postings on Alt.Smokers.Cigars, the Internet's premiere cigar discussion group. Within five minutes of having been invited to go with her (I had
to call my boss and clear the week for vacation time), I was logged onto the Internet, posting a query to any of
the ASC'ers from the Bay Area, as to where all of the better cigar-shops and cigar-friendly bars or restaurants
could be found.


I was so glad that I had asked Jason to come along with me on that San Francisco trip. I mean, the city is
supposed to be so romantic, and what's spending a week in a romantic city worth, if the one you prefer to be
romantic with is over 2,000 miles away, right? Aside from that, Jason seems to have Internet cronies in just
about any place my company ever sends me, and those 'Net friendships have often resulted in some great
dinners at places we'd have never found, otherwise, hosted - or, at least - guided, by his local 'contacts' in
the area. Plus, Jason's quite handy with the various functions of the Internet. Within about two hours of
my inviting him, he had arranged for airline tickets at almost a hundred dollars less per person than my own
company's travel office had managed to find, booked them - and the hotel reservations - and was perusing
the San Francisco tourist pages, looking for the sort of stuff he knows I like to see when we travel. You know,
the malls, the really good restaurants, and the nifty scenic locations that make for good photo spots.

Two days later, he had our itinerary just about completely laid out for us, including an invitation to dinner
and drinks with a couple that he knew from the 'Net. There were, however, one or two things that he didn't
tell me about, and I've often wondered, since, how I'd have reacted if I'd known in advance. Perhaps it's just
as well that I didn't, the way things worked out. But, I'll let Jason pick up the next thread of this tale.


As I mentioned, I spend a lot of time in the cigar newsgroup. Thus, quite a number of Bay Area cigar buffs on the 'group recognized my 'screen name' at the end of the query. I received numerous replies, all giving me excellent advice as to where to shop for good cigars. I also received some invitations to enjoy dinner, drinks, and cigars, in the company of some of the San Francisco contingent from the newsgroup.

Principal among those invitations was one from Rick Bolen, who is the principal photographer whose work is featured in the coffee-table book, "The Cigar". After checking with the wife, I e-mailed Rick that we'd be more than happy to accept his invitation, provided that we at least went to separate checks, as the wife's meal-tabs were covered on her expense account, and we'd be glad enough of their company, but didn't want to feel
as if we'd invited ourselves to a meal at their expense.

This was more than fine with Rick, who were pinching pennies in preparation for a long-planned trip to both France and Spain, a few weeks later, and so the Friday evening of our visit to the Bay Area, we met Rick - and his lovely wife, Donna - at one of the area's nicer cigar-friendly establishments. I was glad that they'd been able
to find a sitter for their son, because I knew - from various posts to ASC - that Donna was very nearly as fully
passionate a cigar smoker as was her husband, and I was rather hoping that April might receive just a little
nudge, seeing Donna light up.

Rick had brought along one of those "Road Warrior" travel-humidor cases, packed with several different brands and sizes of cigars from a certain island south of Florida and, after dinner, he placed it in the center of the table, inviting us to help ourselves. Never having had an opportunity to partake of a genuine cigar from this _particular_ point-of-origin, before, I returned the Punch Grand Cru Monarch I was about to light, to its aluminum storage tube, and selected a Romeo y Julietta Churchill (Claro) from among Rick's case of offerings. My wife lit an after-dinner cigarette at that point, with a polite "no, thank you; my husband's the cigar smoker," to Rick.

She maintained that attitude throughout the evening, at least as far as Rick and Donna were concerned, but I (married to the woman for lo these 14 years, and knowing how to read her glances and expressions) saw her occasionally glancing around the room, noting that she was the only woman in the entire place who was smoking cigarettes, as Donna had also selected an R&J Churchill from Rick's case, and was puffing merrily
away on it. All the other women, including the waitresses and the female bartender, were enjoying cigars.


The moment I saw Donna reach for a cigar out of that travel'dor, I realized that the 'fix' was in. And, to tell
the truth, it really put me in a quandry.

I mean, over the couple years since Jason switched from those horrible-smelling 'drug-store cigars', and
took up the premium, hand-rolled kind, I'd tried to be a good sport and accept his occasionally-offered tastes
of the various brands he's tried. And I was amazed to find that I actually liked the taste of a lot of the cigars
I got to sample. But that was the problem. You see, I'd grown up with this impression that cigars were sort of
a "men-only" thing, and that the only women who'd allow themselves to be caught smoking a cigar were the
sort that "good girls" were better off not to associate with. And, although I'd often see feature articles in the
magazines that Jason gets (SMOKE, and Cigar Aficionado), on notable women who smoked cigars, that still
didn't really leave me feeling like it was permissible for _me_. I mean, women like Linda Evangelista and Lauren Hutton are a breed apart from the likes of me, right? If they're observed doing something off-the-wall,
like smoking cigars, everybody chalks it up to being just another facet of life in Hollyweird, where virtually
nobody acts like the rest of the folks in the world.

Getting to know Donna, however, began to change some of my opinions on the subject. She was't weird
in any sense, unless you count the fact that she has an intimate knowledge of large IBM mainframes and
midrange systems, stemming from years spent as a programmer, before she moved on to a position as a
software sales-consultant and demonstrator, working part-time so that she could be basically a stay-at-home
Mom when her son was born. And, if having that level of knowledge about Big Blue's hardware meant you
were weird, then I was, too!

At any rate, I found myself torn between an urge to ask to try a cigar, and the years of stereotyped thought
that I'd been programmed with, on the subject of women and cigars. The battle raged on, in the back-lobes of
my brain, the whole time that we sat and chatted with each other. By the time that I'd just about made up my
mind to ask to join in the cigar-smoking, Donna was looking at her watch and announcing that they had to get
home and relieve the babysitter. I managed to act normally as we began to say our good-byes to Rick and
Donna, but I actually felt a deep disappointment when Rick closed up that travel'dor and I was left without a
chance to try one of those "special" cigars! (Please note that I'm obeying Jason's advice in the description of
the cigars. He says that, so long as neither of us actually _say_ where the sticks came from, Customs can't do
a bloody thing about it.)


Finally, shortly after midnight, we said a final goodbye to Rick and Donna, as they dropped us off at our
hotel. We headed up to our room, but neither of us were ready to go to sleep, as yet, since to our bodies, it was still only about 9:30 PM, Eastern Time. We turned on the television, and sat, cuddling on the bed with the last glasses of wine from the bottle that Rick had ordered, and we hadn't finished, at the club, and which he'd bestowed on us as we parted for the night. I dug out my Cigar Savor, extracted the remaining four inches of that R&J Churchill that Rick had given me (It was so good that I'd smoked it slowly, even letting it go out a
few times during the evening, to make it last a little longer.), and lit up. When I'd gotten it going well, and had a few puffs, April surprised me by asking me if I'd let her have a taste of it.

"After watching Donna smoke her cigars, and seeing all of the other women in that club smoking cigars as well, and seeming to enjoy them, I kind of got the idea that there were more women out there than just the
celebrity bunch that Cigar Aficionado shows off, who really do smoke cigars," she told me, when my facial expression asked an unvoiced "Why?" to her request. "Now, I'm kind of curious to see what it's all about."


When we got back to the hotel room, I was debating what I wanted to do about the situation. Did I want to
just _ask_ Jason for a cigar - and probably shock the living daylights out of him, or what? By this time, I really _wanted_ to be offered a taste of a cigar. Whereas, on any prior occasion, if I'd accepted the offer of a
taste, I had to at least act as though I didn't really care for it all that much. If I hadn't, Jason would have tried to
coax me into sharing cigars with him more often, or even smoking my own, along with him - God forbid, probably in public, too - and with what I'd been raised to think about women who smoked cigars, I didn't want
to risk letting Jason know that they actually tasted rather good.

Now, though, I really wanted to be able to take a big puff off of a cigar and do as I saw Jason do so often, and as he'd tried on numerous occasions to teach me to do: take a big puff, and just let the smoke sit in my
mouth for a few moments, savoring the sweet taste of the tobaccos. When I saw him pull the remnant of that
"special" cigar out of his Cigar Savor, I made up my mind to go for it. After all, who knew when either of us
would have such a cigar in our possession, again?

We were cuddling on the bed, drinking wine and watching the tube, when I finally made my move. Even
before the words lefr my mouth, I was reaching for the cigar. And I wish I'd had a camera, as the expression on
Jason's face was absolutely priceless!

I took the cigar from between his fingers, put it to my lips, and tried to act 'normal' while I took a big puff off of it as he sat there, watching. It tasted damnably good. I still can't decide whether it was just _that_
particular brand of cigar, or the wine we'd had, or the nature of the moment itself, or a combination of all of the
above, but that first puff off of his cigar was the sweetest, richest taste I'd ever had in my mouth, and it made
me want more. So I took my time, savoring a full three more deep drags from the cigar, before surrendering it
back to Jason. By that time, the memories of all the times I'd ever complained about the smell of his cigars, and
all the times I'd denied him the pleasure of sharing with me something that he enjoyed so much, all came
rushing headlong back to haunt my thoughts, and I was beginning to cry with the embarrassment and the
remorse of it all.


I handed her the cigar and cautioned her to try not to inhale much of the smoke at all - perhaps just a trickle, so that she could exhale it through her nose and get the benefit of both taste and olfactory sensations simultaneously - and she took her first puff, which she then followed, wide-eyed, with three more, before handing the cigar back to me with tears in her eyes.

When I questioned the reason for the tears, she slowly explained that she was just so terribly sorry that she'd given me so much grief over the years about the smell of my cigars, and that she'd so heatedly rebuffed so many of my efforts to get her to share a cigar with me. Now, in the wake of our evening with rick and Donna, and now that she'd actually allowed herseof to _really_ taste a cigar, as opposed to taking a quick puff and blowing the smoke out of her mouth almost immediately, she'd discovered that the smell of the smoke in the room was pleasant, rather than annoying., and the taste was one that she wanted more of - a lot more!

"I'm just wishing that I'd tried this about three years ago, when you first started smoking cigars," she told me. "Then, all of those times that you invited me to try a puff could have ended with the two of us cuddling and sharing a cigar, rather than arguing and retreating to opposite sides of the house."

I told her not to worry about the past; it was gone - and totally forgotten, as far as I was concerned - and took a puff off of the cigar before handing it back to her. We smoked that one down to just about the point
where we'd need a cigar-sized 'roach-clip', and - she still wanted more - I dug out the Punch Monarch that I'd
intended to smoke, earlier.

I'll politely draw a veil over the rest of what transpired that particular night. Suffice it to say we didn't get to
sleep for about another two hours.

We spent Saturday roaming the streets of San Francisco, each of us smoking a cigar, and I had to stop in at
Nob Hill cigars and purchase another Cigar Savor to hold her partially-smoked cigars whenever we caught a
ride on one of the cable-cars. Of course, the Cigar Savor wasn't the only purchase we made, there, as my own
supply of cigars was going to run out right quickly, if April kept smoking cigars, exclusively, instead of
alternating with a cigarette every so often. Thank God for credit cards!

We flew home on Sunday, a nice-sized stash of cigars packed in each of our carry-on bags, not to be trusted
to the care and keeping of savage airport baggage handlers, and the very first thing April did, when we reached
our home-airport, was to dig out a Don Diego corona and light up, causing no few stares from the rest of the
de-planing passengers. Did I care? Not a whit!!

I should add that, recently, I had the lovely experience of taking her shopping for her own humidor, as her personal cigar-selection was beginning to crowd the one humidor that I had.


So, there you have it - the story of the turning point in my life that saw me take up smoking cigars. I only
regret that it didn't happen sooner. If there are any women reading this, who are still in the stages of merely
contemplating smoking their first cigar, my advice to you is to go ahead and do it! Don't let anyone try to tell
you that cigars are for men, only. After all, what do you think us women smoked before that fool British
soldier, during the Boer Wars, dropped into a foxhole the wrong way, landed on the pouch containing his
pipe (snapping its stem off), and wound up rolling tobacco in a piece of paper torn from his diary, thus
inventing the cigarette? (Never thought about that, did you?)

The End.

Last word from Jason:

April just finished proofreading this account, giving it her seal of approval, and headed out to the living
room to watch Drew Carey. She thinks I'm handling my e-mail. (grin)

Christmas is coming up in just a few more days and, one day last week, she dropped the hint that it would
be really neat to look under the tree, Christmas Morning, and find that "Santa" had left a nice box of either
Punch Grand Cru Monarchs, or Santa Damiana #800's, under the tree for her.

Needless to say, her loving husband has procured both of her choices, and they're already stuffed 'way back
under the pile of presents under the tree. But, if you think she'll be elated to see _those_, wait until she sees the
three-cigar 'pocket case' (it _will_ necessitate her emptying a few things from her purse...), the cigar punch, and that nice Colibri cigar-lighter (with her initials engraved on it) that 'Santa' is gonna leave in her stocking!
(very big grin!!)

Author: : Jake Chambers Date Submitted: 12/01/97
Location: Milton, ON  
Hi, this isn't the story about me, I a male and you don't want to hear about me. This is the Story of a friend of mine.

It was the last day of High School. I had finally made it. To celeabrate I got my self a cigar. (a Don Pepe, not very good, but it's the best I could afford at the time.) So as soon as school finished I ran outside, into the cold. A nice young girl the I had been flirting with for over a month walked out the door, and nearly had a heart attack.

"What are you smoking?" She holared. I answer with "It's a cigar" She start giving me the old lecture about how smoking is evil, and all that, but I could tell that she wanted to try it. so naturaly I offered. She refused, so I offered again. This time she took it. She took one puff, and her whole face seemed to melt, She was enjoying it so much. I never even got the cigar back.

After that day we never saw each other again, but I hope she still smokes those cigars. (And I hope she upgraded to better ones.)

Birthday Gift
Author: : Susan A Date Submitted: 12/01/97
Location: Washington D.C.,  
I tried my first cigar when I was 18. I always remembered my grandfather smoking his Nat Sherman's- I always loved the smell and memories associated with cigars.

Anyway, on my 25th birthday, I decided to treat myself to something special. I went over to Georgetown Tobacco (great store!) to pick-up a nice Dunhill to smoke. When I entered the store I walked right into the humidor and saw this man with most beautiful blue eyes. That moment, I knew he was "the one." Being in a cigar store and a women who smoke cigars, I had to think of something, anything to say to this man. (It wouldn't look good to keeping gawking at this man...)
The only thing I could think of to say was "What do you smoke?"

To make this long story short, 20 years and 2 kids later, we often go to the cigar store and buy cigars for each other.

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