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Archived Cigar Ratings

TamborilTamboril Torpedo

Length: 7
Ring Gauge: 47
Wrapper: USA/Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic


CONSTRUCTION: 4.5 - Very Good/ Excellent
"A beautifully crafted cigar, golden light brown wrapper that looks flawless, nice and firm feel to it. " - Marcia

ODOR: 3.5 - Good/ Very Good
"Medium, bodied cigar with a touch of a herbal character to it. Nice light wrapper with a mild scent under the leaf. " - Tracey

"This one has a perfect cap with a good solid feel. Professional roll." - Von


DRAW: 3.5- Good/ Very Good
"Draw was excellent. I didn't have to fight with it at all, perfectly rolled. " - Jennie

BURN: 3. 5- Good/ Very Good
"It had a perfect burn with an even ash, it did not require any re-lights." - Andrea

FLAVOR: 3.5 - Good/ Very Good
"Kind of a floral, herbal taste. Very nice taste with a femine appeal to it. " - Tracey

"Great Smoke. I'd love to smoke again. " - Mary

"Mild with a hint of sweetness in the flavoring had more body toward the end. Would definitely smoke this one again. Smoked as good as it looked. No disappointment in this one. " -Francie

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