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Archived Cigar Ratings

nextGeneration CigarsnextGeneration Sumatra Wrapper Corona

Ring Gauge: 48
Wrapper: Indionesian Sumatra
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Allure, Cuban Pilot


"There were 2-3 identifiable filler types which were well blended. Cap was affixed smoothly, no hard or soft spots. Good firmness." - Danielle
"This one looks like an old pro rolled it! Well made, solid feeling." - Von
"Rough Construction. A bit rustic in appearance." - Grecia

ODOR: 4 - Very Good
"Very light aroma before smoking - pleasant." - Mary Kay
"Sweet chocolate bouquet on the wrapper - almost made my mouth water." - Danielle
"A sweet, almost floral scent with some chocolate undertones." - Andrea

"A very mild pre-light draw proving that wrapper color can be deceiving." - Andrea
"Great cone!" - Kim


DRAW: 3 - 4 - Very Good/Satisfactory
"Took a bit too much work for my liking. Seems to be rolled too tightly" - Jennie
"A superb draw with excellent smoke delivery. " - Andrea

BURN: 3 - 4 - Very Good/Satisfactory
"Even burn, but flaky ash" - Grecia
"Almost perfect burn, stayed even clear to the band." - Marcia

FLAVOR: 4 - Very Good
"Good chocolate flavors with a mild earthiness. Midway the earthiness becomes stronger with hints of nutmeg. A mild spiciness comes through." - Danielle
"Very pungent from start to finish, though not what I would consider overpowering. It maintained it's earthy tobacco flavors. Very nice, smooth." - Marcia
"A core of cocoa flavors reminiscent of many maduros, but much more mild. I anticipated more body, but found the flavor to more than compensate." - Andrea

"Smoke these on a full stomach." - Von
"This smoke stayed mild right to the end. This could become one of my favorite smokes, enjoyed it right down to my fingertips." - Francie
"This cigar had great strength and flavor, without ever attacking my taste buds. It's short finish was a definite plus because of it's potency. I'd buy this cigar!" - Marcia

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