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Archived Cigar Ratings

I have compiled a list of cigars that have been reviewed from my previous site's review panel. This list will grow as I convert over the information.

Just Archived - Diana Silvius Robusto
Just Archived - La Aurora Robusto
Just Archived - Fonseca 5-50
Just Archived - Montero Robusto
Just Archived - Havana Robusto
Just Archived - Hamilton's Reserve
Just Archived - Davifoff Special R
Just Archived - Griffin's Robusto
1876 "Kelly"
Key West Havana Cigar Co. Gold Label "Amelia"
Diana Silvius Diamond Vintage 2000
Rosa Cuba Media Noche
Davidoff 3000
Match Play
nextGeneration Almiante
Tamboril Torpedo
La Aurora Belicosos
Avo Petit Belicoso
Romeo y Julieta Corona
Key West Havana Cigar Co. Gold Label "Estella"
nextGeneration Sumatra Wrapper Corona
Bahia Corona
Napa Reserve (Dominican Republic) Robusto
Flor de Florez Miami Blend (Blue & White Label) Corona
nextGeneration Natural Wrapper Corona
Dunhill Diamante
Royal Jamaica Corona
Ashton Corona
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