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Cigars come in all different shapes and sizes. You need to know about the two dimensions, length and ring gauge. Length is measured in either centimeters or inches, and ring gauge, also called girth or diameter, is measured by 64th of an inch. For example, a Churchill cigar, sized 7 by 47 means it is seven inches long and has a ring gauge of 47, which measures 47/64ths of an inch thick.

A cigar that has the same ring gauge at both the head and the foot is called a straight-sided cigar, or a parejo. The head of the straight-sided cigar is the end that you smoke, the foot of the cigar is the end that you light. Examples include Churchill, Corona, Corona Gorda, Double Corona, Lonsdale, Panatela, Petit Corona and Robusto.

Then there are the irregular-shaped cigars, or figurados. The foot or head may be open or closed, and pointed or rounded. These cigars have unusual in shape, but smoked by the serious cigar aficionado. The different figurados include Pyramid, Figurado, Torpedo, Perfecto, Diademas, Culebra and Belicoso.

Please take a look at the table below to compare cigar shapes and sizes.


Corona 5½-6 42 or 44 Popular, traditional cigar. corona
Churchill 7 48 Named after Britain Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a strong-full bodied cigar. churchill
Double Corona 49 Full flavor, bigger ring size allows well-blended tobaccos. double corona
Petit Corona 5-5½ 38-44 Small cigar, good for a brief smoke. petit corona
Panatela 5 34 Long and thin. Small ring gauge burns hotter and slender size allows less tobacco. panatela
Lonsdale 6 ¼ 42 Longer than coronas, thicken than panatelas. lonsdale
Robusto 5- 5½ 50   robusto
Note: Not shown to actual size, for demonstration purposes only.


Perfecto Closed at both ends, with a bulge in the midsection. perfecto
Torpedo Pointed head, closed foot and middle bulge. torpedo
Pyramid Pointed, closed head with open wide foot. pyramid
Diadema Monster size. Usually 8 inches or longer, with a minimum ring size of 60. Rounded head with open foot. diadema
Culebra 3 long thin cigars braided together. Pointed head are separate, meant for each to be smoked separately. culebras
Bellicoso Easy to clip. Shaped neck. bellicoso
Note: Not shown to actual size, for demonstration purposes only.